Super Quiet Washer Not Disturbing Your Neighbors

Dec. 23, 2018 | 12:25:00
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The new Whirlpool washing machine is equipped with innovative laundry technology to solve the problems of cleaning, noise and dehydration.
Whirpool use the 10KG flagship drum washing machine "Milan Star" from Italy, pure white and simple modern style, small size and light weight. Fit will all home style and had won the IF Design Award.
The low-noise technology let you never worried about disturbing your neighbors. Also it can calculate the washing time and lotion usage for different clothing materials.
They key to the excellent low-noise performance of "Milan Star" is their 360 degree soundproof design with super-inverter DD mute motor and U-shaped side panels. It's also equipped with high-performance suspension system. The quietest washing machine on the markt. And also the only drum washing machine that have the Quiet Mark mute certification in the UK.
Most amazing quiet washing machine ever! Whirlpool

Compared with the other upright washing machine, 800 rpm is used for dehydration. The "Star of Milan", which is advertised as low noise, has a maximum speed of 1400 rpm when dehydration, and the noise is maintained at 68 decibels, which is equivalent to the volume of two or three conversations.
As for the laundry stroke, the noise is only 48 decibels, which is equivalent to the volume of soft whispers in the library. Compared with the general household washing machine, the overall quietness is increased by 23%. At night, the laundry at home does not disturb your nomal life, and it's suitable for the apartments. Many people think this washing machine is low-noise compared with others. But it's most suitable for urban cities, and for countryside, it's not very important for quiet or not.
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