Space Station AI Robot Can Talk with Astronauts and Assist in Experiments

Dec. 6, 2018 | 16:18:00
Space Station AI Robot
In the June of this year, the AI robot Cimon arrived at the International Space Station by Space X Falcon 9 rocket. And become the first AI robot to operate in space. Until recently, it finally officially started to work, and the astronaut Alexander Gerst had recorded his communication with Cimon to show it's ability.
As you can see in the film, the astronauts only need to use voice commands to start Cimon, and it will immediately respond to him. After several converstaion between them, the Ground Control Center asked Alexander Gerst to release the cable from Cimon and let it float in the air.
Horizons science – Cimon

Because Cimon has the ability of balancing itself, it can be automatically stabilized in the space. When Alexander Gerst commands, it can automatically turn around. In addition, Cimon also has a variety of space station mission informations to assist astronauts in their daily work. When Alexander Gerst ask for help, Cimon will show the procedures on the screen to help his work, and Cimon also helps to take videos of daily work and broadcast music at the request of astronauts.
When Alexander Gerst asked Cimon to turn off the music, Cimon will ask Gerst if he didn't like to stay in the station. Cimon's system can sense the emotion of astronauts and communicate with them, so it will respond to Gerst's tone and have reaction to it.
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