How 5G Works with Your Next Phone

Dec. 22, 2018 | 13:55:00
Elon Musk
The United States AT&T announced that it will launch 5G services in 12 cities including Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, and also open to users to start bidding on 21st of December. However, because 5G service is still in the early stage, and 5G mobile phones are not online yet, AT&T will send hotspots to users at first, so that 5G net can be enjoyed by users by Wi-Fi signals.
AT&T also announced the world's first 5G fee, with traffice volume of 15GB and monthly fee is $70, Finland telecom operator Elisa has launched the world's first 5G solution, monthly fee is 15 Euros.
How 5G Works with Your Next Phone

Although the telecommunication market between countries are different, the sign still shows that 5G services will not be the same as 4G, at least no competative price for now.
The telecom operators also will not let the 5G service back to the war of low-cost 4G. In addition, the 5G will coming soon, and many people think 4G is enough to use, and there's not necessary to use 5G so quickly, unless the 4G closed and have to upgrade to 5G services.
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