First 3D face recognition door lock will be on sale soon

Dec. 20, 2018 | 8:42:00
3D face recognition door lock
The world's first "IP 68 Bluetooth waterproof electronic door lock" is on display of the exhibition. It was designed by WAFERLOCK, and id expected to be on sale the first quarter of next year. But the price is not confirmed yet.
According to the market survey by Strategy Analytics, the Smart Home Access Control: Predictions, Players and Products. In 2023, the global smart lock sales will be expected to reach 26 million. The market will be expand to $2.4 million, showing that the market for smart locks is endless.
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So the WAFERLOCK designed a higher tech electronic lock to meet with the market demand. The "IP68 Bluetooth waterproof and dustproof electronic lock" is to solve the problems that people meet after use electronic lock for many years. Because of the wet environment, the electronic door lock probably get rusted. The new electronic door lock prevents dust from entering the device and provides waterproof protection even in outdoor.
And the "3D Face Recognition Electronic Lock" is based on the fact that this tech is the trend of future, and 3D face recognition system is more accurate than 2D face recognition, also it provides more security.
The electronic door lock can be used with the WAFERLOCK cloud doorbell and support the remote control from mobile APP, making your life more convenient.
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